How Can I Make My Harley Seat More Comfortable? Our Feedback

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are built with quality at the core though when it comes to seats the reality is that not one fits all and that’s where aftermarket seats from companies like Saddlemen come into the picture. 

If you’re going for a quick weekend cruise you may be less worried about comfort and more focused on aesthetics while on the other hand if you’re logging thousands of miles each week you need comfort/support. So what’s the solution? 

First off, there is no way to make your Harley seat more comfortable as it comes from the factory and you need to reflect on why the seat you have is uncomfortable based on your particular needs. Basically, how can your seating position be better? 

You can then look at the problems and start to find the best solutions that are tailored to your needs – like buying a suit off the shelf versus getting a suit custom made. Find a seat that fits you. 

Have questions about seats for Harleys? Let’s connect. 


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