Modular vs Full-Face Helmets: Our Experience After 500k Miles on the Road

Modular vs Full-Face Helmets: Our Experience After 500k Miles on the Road

Like many great debates that have lived on for ages, the question as to whether modular versus full-face motorcycle helmets are best is something we’ve been thinking about and had to drop this post based on our experiences. 

First and foremost, the simple answer is to go modular because you’ll never go back. Think of a modular motorcycle helmet like a Swiss Army Knife or other multi-tool where you can rock it as a full-face helmet or any other combination depending on the conditions you’re facing (sun, rain, etc.) then easily transform based on the world around you. 

Below are some of the most common questions we get around modular motorcycle helmets: 

What is the Point of a Modular Helmet? 

The point of a modular helmet is to give motorcycle riders the flexibility of running a full-face with specialized visors (e.g. Bell’s Photochromic ProTint) as well as every other option possible as opposed to being stuck in a box – like having to carry another helmet or visors, etc. in your saddlebags. 

What are the Benefits of Modular Motorcycle Helmets? 

The benefits of modular motorcycle helmets are similar to the analogy we mentioned above around Swiss Army Knives and multi-tools... If you’re going on a journey, why not be fully prepared? 

Are Modular Helmets Better Than Full-Face? 

Modular motorcycle helmets aren’t necessarily better than full-face because they’re essentially the same, though modular helmets simply give you more options. Are they better? That depends on what exactly you’re looking for. 

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