Pismo Beach Ride | LA to Pismo

Pismo Beach Ride | LA to Pismo

Central Coast Couples Cruise!

The central coast of California is home to a vast number of attractions and is split up into 4 main regions: The Monterey Bay Region, San Luis Obisbo Region, Santa Barbara Region, and the Ventura Region. There are seemingly endless beach towns, wineries, farming, and some incredible food!

We've passed through pretty much all of it, but we've never spent the night in Pismo as a group, so we figured it would be a great stop to end the first day of our trip before exploring more of the Santa Barbara Region. Before hitting the road, we stopped for breakfast in Moorpark at Serendipity before cruising down the road to see Thrashin' Supply's new facility! They've had this in the works for quite some time and it was awesome to catch up with the guys and see the finished product.

From Moorpark, we took Grimes Canyon down to Bardsdale and followed South Mountain Road into Santa Paula. We spent a little more time than we had planned at Thrashin' so by the time we made it to Santa Paula, it was already time for lunch! We've been meaning to try out a cajun restaurant by the name of Rabalais' Bistro which a follower of the channel owns with his wife! Dave Lippert works with the Live Fast Rally and we crossed paths a while back when he came on the podcast to promote their event, so when he told us his wife Tracy ran a restaurant nearby, we knew we had to check it out! Rabalais' has quite the menu, with a long list of home made southern style cajun food and it did not disappoint. We tried out some appetizers, shrimp & grits, sandwiches, and salads and it made for one of the best meals we've had on the road in a long time! Definitely a must-stop if you're in the Santa Paula area!

Having only covered about 20 miles from Moorpark, we had some ground to cover so we hopped in the 126 to make our way to the 101 and head north towards Pismo, taking in all of the vibrant green scenery and cool coastal air along the way. After a smooth 140 miles, we pulled into Pismo Beach and found some rooms at the Sandcastle Hotel on the Beach and kicked back for a bit before heading to dinner. We spoke with a few locals who recommended the SeaVenture Restaurant for dinner, so we walked along the beach path and found ourselves on the 3rd story of another hotel looking out over the water and enjoying some great steaks and seafood. It was the perfect way to end a mellow day of riding and we looked forward to a couple more days on the road!

If you don't go, you won't know!

See you down the road..

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  • barney desimone: May 01, 2024

    I can’t put anything on YouTube anymore, but I’m glad I can comment here.
    This one was awesome! Great video, scenery and music. Great job, Lance! I’m still catching all the drops. Really like the local recognizeable scenery too. Keep em coming.

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