CA Central Coast | Buellton to Solvang & Cold Springs Tavern

CA Central Coast | Buellton to Solvang & Cold Springs Tavern

Visiting the Danish Capitol of the USA!

The final day of our long weekend ride throughout California's Central Coast and it was time we headed back south! The day started in Buellton where we stayed the night before. We checked out Ellen's Danish Pancake House for breakfast before hitting the road to Solvang. Well...riding a whole 4 miles to Solvang that is. 

Solvange is best known for its distinctive Danish architecture and traditions, attracting visitors with its charming streets and unique blend of Danish and American history. We did some walking around town and of course got ourselves some Ebelskivers in town for a post-breakfast snack!

After almost getting hit by a distracted driver out he way out of town, we made our way to the 154 which would take us on a scenic ride through the Santa Ynez Valley on the way to Cold Spring Tavern, our final stop of the way. The tavern is located right off of SR154 by way of Stagecoach Road and is a historic site in the area. Nowadays, it is best known for it's good eats, live music, rustic bar, and tasty tri-tip sandwiches on the weekends. On any given Sunday, the motorcycle parking is full and there are family and friends hanging out there for the day. 

Cold Spring Tavern, nestled in the scenic Santa Ynez Mountains near Santa Barbara, traces its roots back to the mid-19th century when it served as a stagecoach stop along the historic San Marcos Pass route. Originally known as the "Cold Spring Relay Station," it provided weary travelers with food, lodging, and a place to rest during their journey. Over the years, it evolved into a beloved local landmark, retaining its rustic charm and welcoming atmosphere.

This is one of our favorites spots in the area and we always try to make it by when passing through! After some tri-tip sandwiches and some good conversation, we hit the road for the final stretch home on a sunny Sunday and it made for a great way to end the trip!

See you down the road..

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  • barney desimone: May 16, 2024

    Loved this one! I love Solvang, Cold Springs Tavern and all of that area. You showed it off really well. Great video work!

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