2024 East Coast Ride! | Hawks Nest, Rohman's Pub and more..

2024 East Coast Ride! | Hawks Nest, Rohman's Pub and more..

We're back on the East Coast!

Aside from Daytona, it's been 2 years since we rode motorcycles on the east coast and we were glad to be back! For this trip, we had plans of capturing some amazing early American history, great food, and some of the best roads in the area!

We flew into Newark, NJ and hopped on some EagleRider Rentals the following morning, which we picked up at Harley-Davidson of Staten Island, then made our way to Bergen County, New Jersey to meet our friend John from CycleFanatix who would be taking us on a surprise loop for the day!

He took us on some epic roads along the Delaware River and we stopped at a historic bar called Rohman's Pub which had some great stories dating back to the mid-1800's before the prohibition days. After lunch at the pub, we went our separate ways and made our way towards Phoenixville, PA for the night in anticipation of filming the Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club the following day and using Phoenixville as home base for the duration of the trip. 

A loyal fan had reached out before the trip and shared info with us on the unique town of Jim Thorpe, which we checked out on our way and it was so cool that we decided to come back for a full day later that week!

Not bad for our first day on the road and it gave us a ton of ideas for things to check out during our time out there!

Stay tuned for the rest...

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  • Craig Reeves: May 22, 2024

    Wonderful episode you guys! When you get to Bisbee, the old Grand Hotel which is now a restaurant, still has the old bar in there. It apparently belonged to Wyatt Earp when he had an interest in the Oriental Saloon in Tombstone . It supposedly went into Mexico during prohibition and then wound up again at the Grand Hotel in Bisbee! When I found it in 1998, it was still unpainted and there were two wooden oriental figurines about 3 feet tall that came with it! The last time I visited it was restaurant in 2019. The figurines are long gone, but the old bar is still there! It was repainted white.
    Kindest regards
    Craig Reeves Vancouver Canada

  • barney desimone: May 22, 2024

    Loved it! John is a cool guy. I like his channel. Josh, good photogapher’s eye! The three trees were great!

  • Anthony Greco: May 22, 2024

    Guessing you blasted through Hawk’s Nest on the Delaware. Hope you get to ride through the Catskill Mountains. 🏁🏍️🏁😊

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