2023 Sturgis Run | The Ride Home | 1,000+ Mile Day

2023 Sturgis Run | The Ride Home | 1,000+ Mile Day

A long way to go & a short time to get there!

Another Great Rally in the Books

After over a week on the road and a handful of days at the 2023 Sturgis Rally, it was time to head home. Despite having rain pretty much every day of the trip, the skies were clear in the Black Hills so we hit the road while it lasted with plans of making it to the half way point of Heber City, Utah. We usually take our time and enjoy the scenic route on the way to Sturgis and bolt home in 2-3 days to get back to business and this year was no different.

Little did we know, but Lance and Juan had an idea early in the day to make it to Vegas in a single day, which is just over 1,000 miles from Deadwood taking the scenic route. He spilled the beans when we pulled into Provo, Utah for dinner and the group agreed to push on as far as possible to make the final stretch of road to home base as easy as possible.

We've done a handful of unofficial Iron Butt's in our day and it was time to bust out another! Long story short, the group just went with it and we enjoyed crushing miles together and kept the energy high. That final stretch was rough, but we made it to Vegas just after 1am just in time for all of the rooms to be sold out at our planned hotel. We bit the bullet and snagged some last minute rooms at the Aria and rested up as best we could for the 35 mile stretch home the following day. Despite the long day prior, we were thankful for it on our final day and it made for an epic memory to end another eventful trip!

We hope everyone enjoyed following along on the journey as much as we did capturing it and we can't wait to share the next series!

See you down the road..

Focus on the Journey

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