Canada Tour - Day 8 | Kamloops, BC to Winthrop, WA

Canada Tour - Day 8 | Kamloops, BC to Winthrop, WA

International Border Crossing on Motorcycles! 

Time to get back to the States!

After over a week on the road traveling all of the way from Salt Lake City, Utah on two wheels into the Great White North, it was time to cross back into the good 'ol U.S. of A. 

Having traveled over 1,800 miles through 3 states, 2 provinces, and various state and national parks, we were in the final stretch of our first international road trip. The plan for the day was to head out of Kamloops in the morning and make our way to Winthrop, Washington where we would be staying at the Sun Mountain Lodge which was on the list of destinations on the EagleRider Route we followed. 

There are a couple of ways to get to Winthrop from Kamloops, but we took what we thought would be the most scenic and it did not disappoint. Instead of Taking HWY BC 5 to BC 1 (Trans-Canada Highway), we got on 5A and cut across to Peachland and down to the small town of Princeton on the Princeton-Kamloops Highway.

Princeton was a charming small town tucked away in the mountains and we ended up at Thomasina's for lunch which was an artisan bakery and cafe with some of our favorite eats from the trip. We met the owner and talked with some locals, then got back on the bikes to continue south to the border.

Initially, we thought we had already seen some of the trip's best riding on previous days, but the open country roads on our way down south were nothing short of spectacular. From the vibrant blue bodies of water and vast tree-lined mountainsides, it made for a helluva ride to end our time in Canada.

We crossed the border and followed Washington State Route 20 a.k.a. the North Cascades Highway into Winthrop where we would be staying the night at the scenic Sun Mountain Lodge for the night. We checked in, cleaned up, and had some of the best steaks ever, all while celebrating the good times had so far. We enjoyed a breathtaking sunset from the panoramic view at the restaurant before retreating to our hillside rooms to rest up for our final day of riding. 

The following day, we would continue on the North Cascades Highway and that...that was a ride.

Stay tuned for more...

See you down the road..

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