Canada Tour - Day 9 | Winthrop, WA to Seattle

Canada Tour - Day 9 | Winthrop, WA to Seattle

An unexpected ride for the books

Saving the best for last

Our last day on the road usually isn't the most exciting, but this wasn't our typical trip! We were expecting a nice ride through some open country to make our way down to Seattle from Winthrop and it was a bit more exciting than that... We had spoken to some locals about State Route 20 but didn't realize how incredible it would actually be!

The day started out leaving the Sun Mountain Lodge where we had spent the night and we cruised down to the town of Winthrop, an old western styled town with shops, restaurants, and a classic wooden boardwalk. We strolled around town and even ran into some fans, then hit the road to make our way to the North Cascades Highway.

Washington State Route 20 also known as the North Cascades Scenic Byway is a 140-mile section of the Cascade Loop into the North Cascades National Park, winding your way through jagged mountain peaks, rocky spires, rushing waterfalls and alpine glaciers. When we woke up in the morning, we had no idea we'd be riding one of the most scenic roads in the Pacific Northwest and it did not disappoint!

After an incredibly diverse week of riding, that was one helluva way to end it and we enjoyed every mile. We stopped by some waterfalls, viewpoints, and even Lake Diablo to take it all in, then made our way to the main highway to ride down into Seattle to drop off the bikes and catch a flight home early the next morning. 

From our first international border crossing on motorcycles to seeing some of the most breathtaking scenery we've ever ridden through, the Canada tour was one for the books. Even though we covered a couple thousand miles through various US states and Canadian provinces, the trip flew by and it we were excited for the next adventure.

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See you down the road..

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