Exploring Page Arizona on Two Wheels | Day 4 | Glen Canyon Dam History & Local Fun

Exploring Page Arizona on Two Wheels | Day 4 | Glen Canyon Dam History & Local Fun

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It's day 4 of our time in Page, Arizona and we're getting down to some history! We started the day by riding down to city hall to go speak will Bill Diak, the mayor of Page, Arizona! Bill has been in and around Page since the early days and has seen it grow to what it is today. Being able to sit down with him and hear all of the incredible history that came with the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam was incredible, and his passion for the area was visible with every word. We got to take a tour of the building and meet some great folks inside, and just like the rest of the trip we were greeted with open arms as if we'd lived there our entire lives. Can't beat that small town feeling!

We were trying to check most of the restaurants in town off of our list, so after the interview we headed on over to Slackers for lunch and got some incredible 'Buffalo Burgers' that was had been told about numerous times. While we were over there, a viewer recognized us and told us to stop by his family's trading post, the Pow Wow Trading Post to say hello to some friends and we met some great dudes. 

Our last planned shoot for the day was to meet up with Adam Cranston, the owner of State 48 Tavern to hear his perspective on being a small business owner in a town like Page as well as how he's seen things change over the years. It's alway interesting hearing everyone's stories and that's a very big part of why we do what we do! Not only can we learn from others, but making genuine connections with great people along the open roads of America is something special!

After hangin' with Adam we cruised down the boulevard looking for something to do and we remembered seeing a van with a machine gun on top upon entering town a few days before. Free time and machine guns?...that sounded like a good time to us. We cruised on over to Gunfighter Canyon and met Matt who is not only a great guy, but a veteran who served our country and is now sharing his passion of sport shooting with others. We were able to pick from a pretty long list of firearms, so we figured we'd try some options that might not be available back home! We had a blast firing some automatic rifles and it was a great way to unload after a long day of filming.

After a long day doing our thing, the final step was to get some grub! Yet again another opportunity to try out some tasty local eats, so we made our way over to Sunset 89 just after the sun had set and we were in for a treat. They had tons of island inspired eats to choose from and that may have been of favorite meal from the trip. We were lucky enough to meet Dino, one of the owners as well as a head chef there and he shared his inspiration behind the restaurant itself as well as their unique take on quite the variety of food!

It was another great day in the books and we were excited to get a behind the scenes tour of the dam the following day, so we headed back to the hotel and got some rest. 4 days in to the trip and we were just scratching the surface...that's what it's all about!

See ya down the road..

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