"Young Gun" Death Valley Run - Day 3

"Young Gun" Death Valley Run - Day 3

The Ride Kernville to Los Angeles

Two moto-vloggers passionate about traveling and the open road.

After a great weekend with the guys, it was time to head home, but there was still plenty of fun ahead! The ride home from Kernville is a great one, with miles of riverside road throughout the mountains followed by open plains in the farmland, it makes for a great time cruising on two wheels.

We started off the day at Cheryl's Diner, which Lance has been going to for 20+ years ever since he was a tour guide in the area. We got some great home-style breakfast, then met up with the young guns to get things moving! Everyone's motors were loving the cool, crisp mountain air, as we headed out of town and rode towards the 155, which would take us alongside Isabella Lake, with great views of the mountains and surrounding pines. 

After Passing through Wofford Heights, we made it to the 178, which is probably our favorite section of road back there. Starting high up in the mountains, it runs down through the canyons with plenty of twists and turns, and the road is in great condition. We had a tight line of bikes going as we ran through the tighter sections of the canyon, which not only made for some good shots, but a killer time as well! It was fun to be able to let loose and rip around some turns with all the guys, especially being that there weren't too many cars on the road.. 

The 178 continues into the farmland for quite some time, eventually ending in Bakersfield. We passed by some beautiful flags, white trees, vibrant orchards, and open plains, and road towards Arvin to top off the tanks before our last leg home.

We were tired, but feeling good after a solid weekend on two wheels with a great group of dudes. With just about 95 miles left on our journey, we hopped on the I5 for some highway cruisin' which would essentially take us all of the way back home.

From the city, to the diverse lands of Death Valley, and onto the beautiful area of Kernville, we saw some awesome stuff from the road. It just goes to show that you can see plenty of stuff in just a few days of riding, and being with a fun group just makes it that much better! 

Regardless of the direction you're coming from, there should be some epic views along the way! Be sure to always check to road conditions and closures, and be cautious when traveling.

*2LaneLife is not responsible for peril**

We hope you guys enjoyed following along on our ride with the young guns! We had a great time exploring and showing them around! See ya'll on the next ride!

See ya down the road!

Stay safe...stay inspired 


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