Southern Utah Run - Day 5 - Torrey to Zion

Southern Utah Run - Day 5 - Torrey to Zion

New Day, New Roads!

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What an awesome time in Utah so far! The day prior was one to remember, and gave us a strong reminder that straying from plans and just going with the flow can bring you to some pretty cool places that would have likely never been seen. Winding up at the Broken Spur Inn and spending the night in some covered wagons was definitely one of those places, and we were grateful for the experience. It was time to get on the road, so that's exactly what we did!

The night before, we passed through Capitol Reef late into the night, so we decided to back track a little bit to check it out in the daylight and show Josh some epic scenery to start the day off right. After a quick rip through the rocks, we turned back around and headed for the 12, to ride up into the mountains towards Boulder. As we gained elevation, the red rocks began to disappear and we entered into the trees, with bright patches of snow all alongside the road. It was perfect riding weather, a crisp 60 degrees, and the bikes were loving it! 

We pulled over for a quick stop at the top of the mountain to soak in the view and get some shots, then got on our way back down the other side of the mountain towards Escalante! Before the 12 brought us into town, we got to take a rip on one of the most scenic and awe-inspiring sections of road that the 12 has to offer, the Escalante Backbone! With massive drops on either side of the road, and deep canyons far beneath, this curvy and well-maintained byways was one of the most unique experiences we've seen to date. A true 2Lane, no guardrails, and views of the vast landscape as far as the eye could see, it was an absolute blast, and a great way to lead us into lunch time!

We descended back down into the the canyons with red rocks all around, and after a short while, found ourselves in the town of Escalante, Utah! We pulled in for some gas, and just a minute later, the one and only Desert Doctor pulled up on us! We had met him on one of our first 2Lane trips just over a year ago, and he even pulled out the original business card we gave him from the first time we met! A little back story, he lives in town and cruises the strip on his old sportster talking to all of the bikers and making sure they're all set for the journey ahead! He has a workshop in town where he repairs bikes, and even carries tires for nearly every bike! We didn't get to see it the first time around, and he invited us to come take a tour, so we followed him around the corner to give it a look!

With old frames and bikes throughout the property, hand-lettered tire strips all over the walls, thousands of stickers placed by travelers, and even some hand made sculptures, it was motorcycle heaven! It was pretty cool to see the operation he had going on, and he had some pretty cool stories to share while we checked it out! We hung out and heard some stories then headed down the street go grab some lunch at the Circle D Eatery right on Main Street. They had some great beers on tap and some delicious food to match, so we fueled up and relaxed before getting back on our way!

We hopped back on the 12, watching the scenery change seemingly by the mile, and passed through Tropic and some other small towns, then ran just outside of Bryce Canyon, eventually getting onto HWY 89, which would take us to the Mount Carmel Junction, leading into Zion National Park. On the way in, we noticed a her of bison beside the road, so we decided to stop and give it a look. They are such massive animals and we have always been intrigued by them. A rare site for us, we usually only encounter them when riding around Sturgis, so it was cool to see them elsewhere!

Just a few more miles down the road, we approached the gate to enter Zion National Park! Such a unique and equally magical place, we had an incredible time cruising through the park. The towering rock structures, the golden hazy light peaking around every corner, and the feeling you get when exiting the tunnels to some of the most inspiring views around keeps us coming back, and there is always something new to see. At the end of the canyon, we pulled into the town of Springdale where we'd be spending the night as our trip was nearing its end. 

We pulled into the Holiday Inn Express right on the main strip, unpacked the bikes, checked into our rooms, then walked over to the Switchback Grille to have a nice dinner and talk about all of the priceless memories made over the past week on the road. We enjoyed some phenomenal steaks, sea-bass, and sides that really hit the spot, and it the perfect way to bring the day to an end.

Here's the route that we took from Torrey to Springdale. It's an epic ride! Always be sure to check road conditions, and remember to ride safe if you check out the Escalante Backbone! 

*2LaneLife is not responsible for peril**

Over the past week, we had been able to explore all throughout Southern Utah, seeing things that can only be seen by making the journey on the road, and it was yet again another amazing trip to be remembered. To think that we spend multiple days exploring just one corner of a single state reminded us that there are endless adventures ahead when living the 2Lane Life!! Thank you for following along on these journeys and sharing your stories as we go!

See ya down the road!

Stay safe...stay inspired 


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