Southern Utah Run - Day 4 - The Ride from Cedar Mesa to Torrey

Southern Utah Run - Day 4 - The Ride from Cedar Mesa to Torrey

We ended up somewhere a little different..

Two moto-vloggers passionate about traveling and the open road.

Half way through day 4, and we had already seen some pretty amazing stuff since the sun came up, with plenty more to go. During the next leg of the day, we would be starting out at the top of the Moki Dugway, and riding across the Cedar Mesa, onto the 95, which would take us through Hite to cross over the Colorado River and ride through the glowing orange rocks during sunset. Afterwards, we were hit with some surprises, but that's what the open road is all about!

Coming from the valley floor and climbing up the Moki Dugway, upon reaching the top, we were met with a whole new landscape of pines on top of Cedar Mesa. The temperature had cooled down a bit from the heat down on the valley floor after climbing nearly 1,300 feet in the previous 20 minutes, and we were feeling good! With what we though would be about 100 miles left to finish off the day, we took our time enjoying the scenery and checking things out. Eventually, we found that we had a few more miles on top of that, but we'll get to that later...

Not long after riding down the 95, the views began to change back to a vast landscape of red rocks and deep valleys, similar to what we saw earlier in the day, but with their own unique look. From riding in the shadows below towering roadside cliffs, we would come around turns met with bright golden sunlight, and soon caught sight of the Hite Bridge crossing over the Colorado River. Something about a massive bridge in the middle of a vast valley with the sun peaking through the beams and no cars in sight made for an experience that can hardly be explained. Riding far away from civilization with the 2Lanes entirely to ourselves is what it's all about, and we were loving the experience!

After crossing the bridge, we continued on, and eventually pulled off to stop at the Hite Overlook to catch a view of the Colorado and the Upstream limit of Lake Powell, which was sitting very low. Many of the boat launches are completely dry with the water line sitting far below. Without a soul in sight, we stood atop the bluff with nothing but the howl of the wind and the sun shining down for a true moment of reflection. To think we were there just a year ago filming on our phones, to now getting aerial shots across the bridge and capturing the true beauty of the area was pretty wild to reflect on. It's scenes like this that really take you back and inspire reflection. No distractions, just pure beauty and endless possibilities..

After thoroughly enjoying the view, we hopped back on the bikes and rode into the sunset, enjoying every minute. The sun would hide behind the massive cliffs as we approached turns, then shine bright on the other side in a beautiful yet equally blinding manner. As we approached Hanksville, the sun had began to set, and we rode the open straight into town with an amazing sunset. It was the perfect way for the day to come to an end (almost..), and we went to go find a place to stay..

Long story short, every hotel in town was sold out, which meant we could either backtrack, or keep going forward to find the next vacancy. This was the first time we had ever been without a stay after a long day of riding, but there's a first for everything, and that's just a part of the journey!

We grabbed some dinner at Duke's Slickrock Grill, and relaxed for a bit while planning our next move! The staff was friendly, our meals were great, and we had a good time relaxing before figuring out what was next. It had been a long day, and we still had another 60 miles or so to go, all throughout the open range area of the 24. We turned on the brights, kept an eye out for wildlife, and made our way to Torrey to find a place to stay!

We pulled in to town, and the only rooms left were covered wagons at the Broken Spur Inn! You never know what surprises the open road will throw at you, but luckily, this was a good one! The wagons had heaters, refrigerators, beds, couches, and big 'ol king beds making for a surprisingly luxurious stay! It was definitely a nice surprise, and made the day's journey that much more enjoyable to be staying in a place so unique. Sometimes, straying from plans and being open to changes is what it's all about. You never know what you'll see! We got some rest after a long day of riding, and were thankful for the good times..

There are plenty of other amazing things to see in Southern Utah, but we did our best to share everything we could in the time we had. This is our general route, but can be changed as needed. If you decide to take the Moki Dugway, be cautious, and ride safe!

*2LaneLife is not responsible for peril**

We hope you guys enjoyed the scenic ride to Torrey! If you're ever through there, those wagons are a must-see! Tune in to the next episode for a run through Capitol Reef during the day time, and on to see the Escalante Devil's backbone, Zion, and more!! 

See ya down the road!

Stay safe...stay inspired 


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