Pacific Coast Run - L.A. to Cambria - Day 1

Pacific Coast Run - L.A. to Cambria - Day 1

Exploring the Coast on 2 Wheels!

Two moto-vloggers passionate about traveling and the open road.

The California 1, a 656 mile stretch of road running along the Pacific Coastline from its southernmost tip in Orange County California all of the way up to Mendocino County in Northern California is one of the world's most iconic stretches of road. The All-American highway was built in stages, beginning in the Big Sur Region in the 1930's. We've spent plenty of time on sections of PCH in Southern California near us, but haven't taken it all of the way north in quite some time. It was exciting to get back on the road with the ladies to explore everything that the California Coastline has to offer!

We all met up in Newbury Park, California right off of the 101 freeway before making our way to the coast. We decided to burn on the freeway out to the Southern Santa Barbara area in order to make it a straight shot as the southern sections of the 1 are not continuous. We pulled into El Capitan Canyon right across the street from El Capitan State Beach to grab some drinks and some grub to start the day off right. There is some pretty cool tent and cabin camping areas in there as well, if you ever find yourself in the area!

We got back on the 101, heading up the canyons, passing through tunnels, and then on to large sections of farmland, and eventually pulling into Nipomo for a quick gas stop. The girls were having a great time so far, and even might've snoozed a little bit! We made our way a little farther on the 101, then got onto Highway 1 just past San Luis Obisbo, where the journey would really begin! 

The sun was up, the skies were blue, and the miles were stacking up! It was great to finally be running along the coast, breathing in that ocean air and riding in and out of the coastal mist. Our next stop would be in Cayucos, where we'd go hit up the famous Brown Butter Cookie Company for some tasty cookies and coffee before checking out the beach. The area has tons of neat history, and is definitely worth the stop!

Cayucos is only about 15 miles from Cambria, so we hopped on the bikes, and cruised into town. We've been to Cambria a few times and figured we stay in a different place on Moonstone Beach, Oceanpoint Ranch, which ended up being a great stay! Right on the coast, we were able to hang out on the patio by the fire pits and enjoy some well-earned relaxation after a great day of traveling on two wheels. After settling in, we walked down the street and found ourselves at the Sea Chest Oyster Bar for dinner. We had some great meals and reflected on a fun day of riding, then headed back to the hotel to get some rest before a jam packed day of riding the next day!

Nothing like a ride up the California Coast! Although we didn't spend a ton of time on PCH during day 1, the rest of the trip was full of it!

Remember to ride safe and stay prepared for changing road conditions!

*2LaneLife is not responsible for peril**

Day 1 of our Pacific Coast Run was a nice change of pace. We took our time riding up the coast with no plans or schedule, and checked out everything we wanted to see. With only a 200 mile day under our belts, we had plenty of time to relax and check out Cambria before heading up to Carmel the next day. We hope everyone enjoyed following along on the journey!

See ya down the road!

Stay safe...stay inspired 


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