Pacific Coast Run - Cambria to Carmel - Day 2

Pacific Coast Run - Cambria to Carmel - Day 2

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At this point in the trip, it was time to explore the best of the California Coast, and we were excited to see some of the exciting landmarks along the way! From the famous elephant seals of San Simeon, to the amazing cliffside coastal twists and tunnels, and famous bridges like the Bixby Bridge, we had some great stuff ahead, and the only way to see it was to RIDE!

Our day started out at Linn's Restaurant in Cambria, California right down the road from our hotel. Famous for their farm to table ingredients, some of the best corn beef hash you'll ever try, and some neat history, it made for a memorable breakfast, and is now one of our favorite spots in the area! Our server shared tons of information with us about the unique varieties of fruits and vegetables they use, and even gave us some history on the olallieberry, which is the main fruit grown at the Linns' family farm.  After breakfast, we headed right down the road to check out Nitt Witt Ridge. Also known as the "Poor Mans Hearst Castle", which is an eclectic  house on 2.5 acres in the hills of Cambria. The builder Arthur Harold Beal was a garbage collector in Cambria during the 40s and 50s and made use of what was thrown away. He also collected natural materials from nearby forests and beaches, and reportedly even collected remnants from Hearst Castle, where he worked for some time. The house is now a California Historic Landmark and there are even tours to check out the property.  We headed back to the hotel, packed up the bikes, then got on the road to start our adventure for the day. Just up the highway was our first stop in San Simeon, the famous Elephant Seal Vista Point. We walked over to the viewpoint and saw hundreds if not thousands of elephant seals laying in the sand and soaking up the sun. We caught some history from the wealth of knowledge we know as Gaylin, and even met another group of fellow riders before heading up into some twisted roads for some great riding!

The scenery changed from open plains right at sea level to tight turns a few hundred feet above the water in and out of trees, then put us out right above the water on cliffside sections of some amazing 2Lane riding! We had postponed this trip for a little while as there was a section that had caved in and taken some time to rebuild, but the end result was pretty awesome! They had fixed the road and put in a beautiful tunnel with open spaces to catch the view!

We kept the throttle going, had some great conversations along the way, and made our way up to Big Sur, where we would stop for lunch at Cafe Kevah, which overlooks the ocean and had some great food as well! 

One of the historic landmarks we were looking forward to seeing the most was the famous Bixby Bridge, and that was our next stop! On the way there, the road took us through some awesome tree sections slightly more inland than the previous stretch of road. The sun was peeking through the tree line, and as we gained some altitude, the fog began to resurface. After coming out of the trees, we were able to see the water again, and soon could see the bridge off in the distance. We pulled over the check things out, and the shear size of it was amazing! Built in 1932, it was part of one of the first sections of the Pacific Coast Highway, which began construction in the 1930s. 

Aside from a few quick stops along the way, our next destination was the town of Carmel, where we would be spending a couple days. We pulled into the Comfort Inn in Carmel, unpacked the bikes, and figured the best place to go grab some dinner was the famous Hog's Breath Inn, formerly owned by the one and only Clint Eastwood! We got some tasty steaks and fish, enjoyed some drinks, then headed over to the patio bar after dinner to check out some of the historic pictures and memorabilia all over the walls. It was a great way to end the day, and we were excited to be spending some time in town over the next two days. 

What a jam-packed day of riding! This stretch of Highway 1 holds some of the most iconic and historic views the California Coast has to offer, and we were glad to be able to experience it on two wheels!

Remember to ride safe and stay prepared for changing road conditions!

*2LaneLife is not responsible for peril**

This was a day of riding that we had looked forward to for quite some time, and it was just what we had hoped for! Great weather, fun roads, and killer food, all in good company! This trip goes to show that you can see some cool stuff even in a shorter trip. It's all about the roads ahead and the experiences that come with! 

See ya down the road!

Stay safe...stay inspired 


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