Pacific Coast Run - Carmel to L.A. - Day 4

Pacific Coast Run - Carmel to L.A. - Day 4

The Scenic Ride Home from Carmel

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The last day of our amazing run exploring the coast, and we still had plenty more to see! With all of the history in these areas, it's hard to catch it all just going one way, so we decided to take a different route on the way home and do some more exploring! 

We decided to head back to Katy's Place for breakfast after trying it the day before, and tried out some new dishes! They had some killer food, so this is definitely our new go-to spot for breakfast when visiting Carmel. The goal was to go see whatever we felt like, with little to no planning involved, so we eventually made it back to the bikes and got on the road. We headed down towards Carmel Beach to go take a ride on 17 Mile Drive, but we had no idea that it has been closed to motorcycles for years! We were pretty disappointed to hear that, but we made the best of it and spent a little time at the beach instead.

We rode along the coast for a little while before hopping on the 101, then made our way towards Cal State Monterrey, passing through colorful fields and open plains. It's crazy how much of a difference things can look just a couple of miles inland! 

Our next stop would be in Paso Robles, so we got back on the highway and throttled it out there. Paso has some great restaurants and wineries all around, so it made for a perfect stop to enjoy the sunshine and grab some grub. We pulled into town and decided to eat at Pappy McGregor's. We enjoyed some burgers, salads, some great beers, and even a chicken pot pie! It was a great meal, and we were glad we found a new spot! 

Paso Robles is just under 200 miles from home, so we had plenty of time to make our way back and enjoy the ride. We headed out of town, hopped back on the highway, and once again had some awesome coastal views. Not long after, we got onto the 154, which is one of our favorite 2Lanes in the area! With rolling golden hills, oak trees, and views of the nearby reservoir, it's always a good time riding through there. 

We hopped off and got onto Stagecoach Road, which is a pretty iconic section of road that leads to Cold Spring Tavern. As we rode through the trees and caught a great view of the Cold Spring Canyon Arch Bridge, we noticed a massive flag hanging below it! We've ridden through there countless times and never seen anything like it, so that made for an amazing surprise as the day came to and end. 

We pulled into Cold Spring Tavern, and missed closing by a few minutes, but figured it was a great place to hang out for a little and close out the video. What we now know as the Cold Spring Tavern began operating as a stagecoach stop in 1868.  The original structure is believed to have been built in 1860, and records indicate the Doulton family purchased 160 acres, including the Tavern, for $10 in 1900.  The Doulton’s  transferred  ownership in 1907 to the Miramar Corporation, which went bankrupt and lost the mortgage in 1934. Caretakers, Mr. and Mrs. Green, oversaw the property until early 1941.

It now operates as a bar and restaurant, and makes for a great stop when visiting. It's been a staple in our local riding for years, and we feel lucky to have such a cool spot nearby!

These sure were some great roads worth checking out!

Remember to ride safe and stay prepared for changing road conditions!

*2LaneLife is not responsible for peril**

With just over 70 miles left until we made it back home, we hopped on the bikes to get a few more miles in just before golden hour and had a relaxing ride home. The past 4 days on the road had been nothing but enjoyable, and we were happy to be able to get back out on the road with the wives, enjoying great food and awesome views all around! We hope you guys enjoyed this PCH series, and all of the adventures that came along with it!

See ya down the road!

Stay safe...stay inspired 


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