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Hanging at Legends Motorcycles - Springville Utah

Posted on July 27 2021

Hanging at Legends Motorcycles - Springville Utah

A Day in Motorcycle Heaven!

Two moto-vloggers passionate about traveling and the open road.

As our new journey came to a start, we had a jam packed day planned in Springville, Utah before we got on the road to Yellowstone National Park. We rode from home base in Los Angeles to Washington, Utah, just east of St. George the day before, and were excited for a day full of fun! We would get to see the Bell Brawl Stunt Show, check out the Legends Motorcycle Museum, meet tons of new people, and enjoy some grub at the Strap Tank Brewery!

We started off the morning with a 250 mile ride into Springville, filled with great views and perfect weather, and were excited to see what the venue had in store! We had got in contact with a woman named Jenn, who's father owns Legends Motorcycles, and who would be showing us around! We pulled in, saw some familiar faces, and a whole lot of motorcycles, and knew we were in the right place! After checking out the warmup round for the Bell Brawl, we made our way over to the famous Legends Motorcycle Museum to see one of the most unique private collections around! 

Jenn and her father Rick met us inside and gave us a rundown of the facility, and it was truly inspiring to see how it came to be, all from Rick's passion for two wheels and the history behind them! With the museum, restaurant, and all kinds of attractions on the property, it made for the perfect place to hangout for the day...what more could you ask for?!

The museum was something we were really looking forward to. Starting in 1989, Legends Vintage Motorcycles began in a small shop on Main Street, which the collection soon outgrew, and Rick decided to move into an eclectic building which was formerly a car dealership to expand his collection. While Rick may have lost count of the collection at a whopping 181 bikes, there are well over 200 vintage motorcycles with deep-rooted history and some great stories behind them. Legend has it, he even outbid Harley Davidson on one of his favorite Strap Tanks in the collection. Jenn showed us around as we checked out some amazing artwork and machines, and it was crazy to see how far the engineering in these machines have come since the beginning. If you're into history, especially motorcycle history, it's a must see! 

After touring the museum, we spent some time exploring the property, and ended up meeting tons of great people along the way! It was pretty cool to have people recognize us from our travels and videos, and was equally inspiring to hear their stories! One of the first people we met was Dan, who follows the channel and owns a bar out in Richfield, UT called Bar 86which we're going to have to check out next time we're on our way through the area!

Just a few minutes later, Gaylin even had some family show up! They live close by and took a little day trip out to Springville to come hang out, and it was great to see those smiling faces! We'd even be riding with his brother-in-law Kirk the next day on the Nebo Loop and out to Salt Lake City!

Up next, was the main event for the Bell Brawl! With some of the best riders in the country giving it their all on the asphalt, we were stoked to see them burn some rubber! It's always great hanging around that crowd, seeing good friends and the energy that they bring! If you haven't seen this stuff live, it's quite the experience watching these guys and gals whip their bikes around like it's nobody's business! 

After the show, we made our way over to the Strap Tank Brewery to grab some cold drinks! It made it to the 100's during the day, so it was much needed! We ended up seeing our good friend Kalen, and her friend Jason, and sat down to enjoy some drinks and catch up. Kalen lives a pretty rad lifestyle full of motorcycles, travel, camping, skiing, and the list goes on. It's always great getting some perspective from such an inspiring individual such as herself, and sharing stories from the journeys experienced.

Up next, we sat down to talk with Cam and Steve from the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, and hear about all of the great things they do for the Veteran community. Their goal and mission is to "support and protect those who have defended our country and our freedoms. Our focus is to provide assistance and help to individual veterans, veteran care facilities, other veteran organizations and registered charities". They shared an inspiring story about one of their most recent recipients, who they have helped build a more accessible living space for after some recent medical hurdles, and it was truly inspiring to hear them talk about that. Being able to cross paths with the great men and women who serve our country is one of our favorite parts about the open road, and we're glad to have met these guys! If you would like to donate to their cause, click here.

After meeting all of those great people, we were getting hungry and had to go in for round 2 at the brewery to see what their dinner menu was all about! We got some pork chops, steaks, potatoes, and all that good stuff, and it hit the spot! The restaurant is open year round and is definitely the place to be! 

After dinner, we cruised around, met some more people, then ran into Ron, who is a retired law enforcement officer after 21 years of service, 16 of which were spent on a motorcycle! After chatting for a bit, we mentioned that we'd be checking out the Nebo Loop the next day, and he offered to give us a tour! We had heard so much about the Nebo Loop, and were looking forward to the miles ahead!

With an incredible day coming to an end, we were grateful to have spent it the way we did. It was full of good times with great people, all while being in one of the coolest spots to enjoy motorcycle culture in the state of Utah! We were excited for an awesome group ride with supporters and new friends the following day! We hope you guys enjoyed checking all of this stuff out, there's plenty more to come!

See ya down the road..

Stay safe...stay inspired 


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