Exploring Page Arizona on Two Wheels | Day 6 | Lake Powell Boat Tour

Exploring Page Arizona on Two Wheels | Day 6 | Lake Powell Boat Tour

Time to hit the Water!

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It's the final day of our week long trip out to Page, Arizona to explore all of the great things to do in the area and we're finally getting out on the water! Their boating season typically ends by the end of October as the temperature plummets quite a bit, but we layered up and got on out there! We initially had a tour lined up that cancelled last minute, but after making a few calls, Mike from Surf's Up Lake Powell was nice enough to take us out for the morning and show us around the water!

It was pretty awesome to be one of the few boats out on the lake and aside from some chilly temps, the conditions were perfect. We checked out the surrounding cliffs, viewing what they call the "bathtub ring" which is a line in the rocks showing where the water used to be when it was at its highest level. Calcium carbonate and other mineral compounds in the water attach themselves to the rock causing it to turn a light white/tan color which is quite the contrast from the deep orange/brown color of the surface rock.

We learned some neat history from Mike, then made our way over to the back of the Glen Canyon Dam. Throughout the trip, we had seen the dam from a distance, been at the base, on top, and even inside so it was pretty awesome to see it from the whole other side! From this point, it was the most visible how water levels have fluctuated during the drought but luckily the water was still over 320 feet deep where we sat.

We turned around and headed toward Antelope Canyon which brought on some epic scenery as the rocks began to narrow resulting in towering rock structures above our heads which used to be underwater. Everyone we talked to out there always saw the positive in the fluctuating water levels, the fact that it continues a pattern of ever changing views and experiences along the way!

We made our way back to the marina, hopped on the bikes, and headed into town to get another great lunch at Grand Canyon Brewery and got a chance to thank our now friend Judy Franz who played a major role in helping us set up interviews and tours for this whole trip. 

The last thing we had on the list was to see the beautiful Horseshoe Bend at Sunset, but before that we stopped to talk to a 54+ year local named Ada Hatch to hear some stories on her experiences and thoughts living here for over half a century. We had a great uplifting conversation and really learned a lot from her wise words and positivity.

After that, we got down to Horseshoe Bend with just minutes to spare while the sun was setting and were met with a golden haze covering the rocks and surrounding skies. It's a view thats hard to beat...luckily we didn't have to! We reflected on an incredible week spent in such an amazing area with some inspiring people to match and were grateful for all of the good times had. 

We hope you all enjoyed this series and learned as much as we did! It was a nice change of pace spending more than 1 day in a town and we hope to do it again!

So go visit Page and we'll..

See ya down the road!

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