Los Angeles through Death Valley, Vegas, & Valley of Fire Loop

Los Angeles through Death Valley, Vegas, & Valley of Fire Loop

Incredible Scenic Loop tour from Los Angeles to the Valley of Fire 

Two moto-vloggers passionate about traveling and the open road.

While we've been riding on two lane roads for as long as we can remember, this ride through Death Valley, Panamint Springs, Las Vegas, the Valley of Fire, and more, was our first documented vlog for 2LaneLife.

There were plenty of stops along the way, whether restaurants, hotels, views, or historical sites, and we thought the best way to share all of those stops was through a blog.

Los Angeles, Death Valley, Vegas, Lake Mead Loop

If you click on the image of the map, you will find a link to the routes that we took on our scenic ride, and can take the trip yourself if you choose to do so. Whether it's in a motorcycle or a car, many of these places have breathtaking views and experiences in store.

Remember to always stay up to date with road conditions and routes, 2LaneLife is not responsible for peril.                             

While some of our routes may not be the shortest, we always aim to make them the most scenic. We'd rather spend our time riding with great views on open highways than congested freeways.


Whats a good road trip without great food stops along the way! Here are some of our favorite spots to fuel up on this trip!

Happy Burro Chili & Beer

Panamint Springs Resort Restaurant

Jack's Place - Sports Bar & Grill

Mount Charleston Lodge


Through our years of riding, at taking similar routes, we have found some great places to stay along the way. There aren't always 5 star stays in small towns, but we make sure to find the next best thing! The Exchange Club Motel had friendly staff, clean rooms, and was close to one of our favorite restaurants above, Happy Burro Chili & Beer! They were in the process of re-modeling during our last stay, so it will only improve from here!

Exchange Club Motel

Resort on Mount Charleston

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