Where to Rent a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle: Our Partnership With EagleRider

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Rentals by EagleRider

For over a hundred years Harley-Davidson riders have been running the stock headlamps, turn signals and other lights or maybe swapping out the bulbs, however we’re experiencing a revolution and LED lighting is truly taking over.  

Many Harley enthusiasts find the stock lighting to be good enough, and we totally agree when it comes to everyday riding around town, though for more demanding adventures – like the road trips we go on and log 500+ miles in a day through dark back roads – LED lights are a game changer.   

One of the biggest questions we are asked is: Should I get LED lights for my Harley-Davidson motorcycle? And the simple answer is yes. It’s not so much about the looks, which is a personal preference, but more so the safety aspect.  

For example, there have been countless times where we’ve been riding at night in the middle of nowhere and animals jet across the road, and without the extra lumens LEDs provide to light up the road ahead things could’ve been catastrophic.  

We recently teamed up with Custom Dynamics to offer their LED lighting kits for Harleys on our site and if you have any questions on the products, installation, etc. we are here to help!