Harley Davidson Upgrades: From Performance to Lighting, Seats, Suspension

Harley Davidson Upgrades: From Performance to Lighting, Seats, Suspension

There’s nothing more exciting than picking up a new Harley then after riding it for a few months you get the itch to customize it – we’ve been there and done that many times. This post hits on some of the best and easiest upgrades you can make right away.

Harley-Davidson LED Lighting

If you’re like us and go on adventures with our Harleys sometimes the OEM lighting isn’t enough, especially when cruising in the middle of nowhere, and that’s why we partnered with Custom Dynamics to offer powerful LED lighting kits for Harleys.

Riding in Comfort: Saddlemen Seats

As humans we are all different and that goes back to finding the best seat that makes us comfortable whether it’s for a quick cruise on the weekend or a 3,000 mile road trip. Our team has logged hundreds of thousands of miles on Harleys using a variety of seats before teaming up with Saddlemen and here to answer your questions.

The Importance of Suspension

Taking your Harley on a cruise here and there is fun though if you’re looking to log serious miles on a road trip you need to start thinking about aftermarket suspension systems that fits you. For example, kits from Legend Suspension which we sell on our site.

In a nutshell, there are endless possibilities for upgrading your Harley-Davidson motorcycle and these are some of the most common and popular ones we’re seeing.

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