Suspension Overhaul w/ Legend Suspension

Suspension Overhaul w/ Legend Suspension

Upgrading Stock Suspension - 2020 CVO


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When it comes to performance, the first thing that comes to mind is usually power. While that certainly plays a role, in order for the power to be utilized effectively, the suspension needs to be dialed in. Not only will a proper suspension setup improve comfort, but it will improve braking capability, performance handling, vibration, and overall safety.

Improving Ride Quality & Control

When it comes to improving comfort, we're not just talking about a smooth cushy ride on the highway or effectively absorbing bumps in the road. There is also the factor of being comfortable with your bike in performance scenarios or situations where you need absolute control to stay safe. A proper suspension setup will not only keep the ride smooth, but will maximize the time both tires have full contact with the road, resulting in better traction and effective steering.

Why Upgrade from Stock?

While many of the stock suspension components get the job done and contribute to an all-around comfortable ride, they are designed more for the average rider and do not take into account the specific capabilities each rider is looking for. They tend to have less adjustment options, a simpler design, and are produced at a significantly lower cost in order to increase the affordability of a complete bike off the lot.

As you can see here, the Legend Revo-Arc (left) has a sturdier performance-oriented design, built to take whatever comes your way.

Why Legend?

In our years of riding, and countless miles on various road surfaces, we've tried all kinds of different suspension setups. So far, none of them come close to the overall experience we've had running Legend products. The quality of a bike's suspension truly dictates the overall performance and experience on the road, and with the ability to fine-tune multiple aspects of the rear suspension on-the-go (no tools needed), you can ensure that you'll be ready for any changes in road conditions, or even adding extra weight like luggage or a passenger.

The extended length coil springs offer more travel without increasing overall shock length, offering more control as well as resistance to bottoming.

"Should I Upgrade Front 

AND Rear Suspension?"

While many people start with the rear as it is visible on many bikes, these systems were designed to work together for the best performance.

80% of handling and performance come from the front suspension, while 80% of the plush ride feel comes from the rear. We don't know about you, but it seems like both are pretty important...

The rear shocks are not alone when it comes to adjustability. The fork cartridges offer adjustable dampening to tune to your specific needs.

The compression spring pre-load adjuster allows fine adjustments from 150-750lbs of overall rider and luggage weight. When set up correctly, the rider experiences more front-end traction, less "brake dive" and less overall fatigue. Unlike many other front suspension setups where one side has a spring, and the other has a damper, the mono-tube dual-chamber cartridges have both in each fork tube.

With heavier bikes, it's critical that both sides of the front forks work in unison to achieve maximum and even performance.

The precision engineering and attention to detail really comes out when you get the opportunity to test these bad boys out. And while some of the technical jargon might not make sense (it goes over our heads too..). We're grateful for companies like Legend that truly take the time to perfect their parts. We've logged about 175,000 miles collectively on  Legend suspension setups, and they still perform like they're brand new!

Hopefully you guys found this informative, and we encourage you to reach out with any part/suspension related questions. While we may not be engineers, we sure do have experience with these setups! We love sharing our experiences with parts and brands that we truly stand behind, and hope that you'll enjoy them as much as we do!

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