Pine Mountain Run

Pine Mountain Run

An Epic Ride through the Pines

Two moto-vloggers passionate about traveling and the open road.

Another great day trip in the books! After some of the recent longer trips to different states, or weekend trips with the wives, we decided to do something a little different and explore an area that we haven't showed you guys before. Although we've made videos going through Ojai and Lockwood Valley, we figured we'd show you a cool little spot hidden in the hills back there called Pine Mountain Club. It's a great little town with some awesome canyons and sweepers, and some hidden authentic restaurants as well. 

We started off the day at the studio, then headed out and eventually ended up on the I5, which we would take up to the Gorman/Frazier Park area. It's always great getting off the highway in that area, as you're riding on the 2 lanes into the woods in a matter of minutes! 

From the freeway, we cruised on Frazier Mountain Park Road to Cuddy Valley Road, which would eventually take us to the Milpotrero Highway. The Milpotrero Highway takes you through some winding canyons roads through the trees, and eventually brings you to Pine Mountain Club, where there are some great little restaurants and bars.

After a great little run through the canyons, we ended up at La Lena Mexican Restaurant in Frazier Park. We had planned on going to a local tavern called "The Perch" up there, but it was temporarily closed. Luckily, one of the locals recommended La Lena, hidden back behind some buildings and it was a great little spot! 

We had some authentic tacos and burritos, then got back on the road to head up to Hudson Ranch Road, which would take us through the mountains and eventually into some golden open plains through the Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge. It's always cool to see the scenery change so quickly through these areas. We hit some great weather all day except for some smokey air from the surrounding fires.

After exiting the Pine Mountain Area, we hopped on the Westside Highway over to the 33, aka the Maricopa Highway, which would take us all throughout Ojai, Wheeler Springs, and more. We've been riding the 33 for years, and it's always a sight to see. Theres some great twisties through the trees in the lower canyon sections, and epic views from the top of the mountains. It never gets old!

After a solid rip on the 33, we stopped in Ojai at the Ojai Deer Lodge for a quick lunch, then headed off to the 150 to get home. It was a great run and we enjoyed trying some new things when filming. We just got set up with wired microphones for our GoPros so that we can record our conversations on the road! It's something different and our goal is to improve at the little things as time goes on. As always, thanks for the support, we hope you enjoyed the ride!

Our Route

Pine Mountain Run - Map

If you click on the image of the map, you will find a link to the route from our day trip! There's some cool stops along the route that are worth checking out! Whether you're on a bike or in a car, it's always a great time on the open road!

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**Remember to always stay up to date with road conditions and routes, 2LaneLife is not responsible for peril.                                                        

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