Arizona's Famous Meteor Crater

Arizona's Famous Meteor Crater

Riding Through Time: A Scenic Journey from Seligman to Arizona's Meteor Crater & Beyond

We've been riding through Arizona for years and one place we found by happenstance is the Barringer Meteor Crater Natural Landmark. Years back, way before we started the channel, we were experiencing an incredibly windy day on I40 and decided to pull off at the sign and check it out. We haven't been back since and figured we'd make the trip to share with y'all on the way to the Petrified Forest!

The day started off in Seligman, Arizona where we cut the ride short the night prior due to icy conditions on the roads in sub-freezing temperatures, which proved to be the right choice when we finally hit the road in the late morning and still encountered a few small patches of ice that had began melting off in the sunlight. We got breakfast at one of our favorite spots in town, the Roadkill Cafe which we had the pleasure of filming on our Route 66 Legacy Docu-Series a couple years back. 

After meeting some fellow Route 66 Travelers, we loaded up the bikes and hit the road to cover a 120 mile stretch on I40 before getting off at Meteor Crater Road which leads to the Meteor Crater Visitor Center in Coconino County.

This colossal crater, formed approximately 50,000 years ago by a meteorite impact, is one of the best-preserved meteorite impact sites on Earth. We stepped out onto the observation deck to marvel at the sheer magnitude of the Meteor Crater. The sight is nothing short of breathtaking, with a diameter of nearly 4,000 feet and a depth of over 550 feet. Imagine the colossal forces at play when a meteorite collided with the Earth, leaving behind this astonishing geological formation. There are telescopes out on the deck that we used to check out the small building at the bottom of the crater and it put things into perspective just how huge the crater is. In the visitor center, they also have a museum and a theater to share a short film which we checked out.

With no plans set in stone for the rest of the way, we got back on the road for a quick 25 mile stretch to Winslow, Arizona another famous Route 66 Town and found ourselves some lunch at Relic Road Brewing Co. to unwind and figure out the rest of the day. Gaylin suggested we take a quick stop at the Historic La Posada Hotel and we eventually decided to spend the night there. 

Built in 1929 by famed architect Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter, Winslow, Arizona's historic La Posada Hotel stands as a testament to the golden age of railway travel, offering a captivating glimpse into the past with its Spanish Colonial Revival architecture and rich history as a luxurious Harvey House along the Santa Fe Railway. We were able to snag the last of their rooms and walked around the property, discovering the rich history this site holds. We even got to sit down and talk with one of the Winslow Harvey Girls, who shared some historical facts on the Harvey Girls and how this hotel came to be.

While there are a handful of restaurants in town, the best known is The Turquoise Room within the hotel and some folks a few tables down told us they often drive from 3 hours away just for a meal! "La Posada and the Turquoise Room quickly built a reputation as the finest historic hotel and restaurant on Route 66, and among the finest boutique hotels and restaurants in the Southwest." We enjoyed some delicious prime rib and various soups and salads, then took a walk downtown to the Eagle Pavilion to see the world famous Standin' on the Corner site at night and listen to some Eagles on repeat!

While it was a shorter day on the road, we were in no rush and it made for an awesome day of riding on the open highway with plenty of scenery along the way. The following day, we would ride out to Petrified Forest National Park!

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