Badwater Basin Ride: The LOWEST Point in North America FULL of WATER!

Badwater Basin Ride: The LOWEST Point in North America FULL of WATER!

A Once in 1,000 Year Flood Event

This past weekend, we flew out to Las Vegas, Nevada and hopped on the all-new 2024 Harley-Davidson motorcycles and rode out to Death Valley National Park to see a rare sighting, Badwater Basin FULL OF WATER! Normally a once in a thousand year flood event, this is the second time in just over a year that the park has received enough rainfall for Lake Manly to re-appear above the basin.

We started our first day on the road with a breakfast at one of our favorite spots of all time, the famous Coffee Cup Cafe and met the owner Lindsay and her husband Kai for some good eats before hitting the road. We met them a few years back when we just started the channel and they have become friends over the years, so we always love to support great people and their businesses, especially when the food is that good!

Riding through the crisp desert air, we were able to dodge most of the forecasted rainfall and make our way to Shoshone, CA finding lunch at the Crowbar Cafe to rest the boots for a few, before making our way to Death Valley National park.

Our first stop in the park and main destination of the trip was Badwater Basin. The basin holds historical significance as the lowest point in North America, at 282 feet below sea level, and has been a vital part of the region's geological evolution, drawing explorers and pioneers seeking to understand and navigate the extremes of this iconic desert landscape. Normally a dry lake bed, due to recent floods the incredible rare Lake Manly has re-appeared above the basin which typically only happens once every THOUSAND YEARS! It just so happens that after extreme floods last year, it has now happened twice in just over a year. With light ripples in the water, the crystal clear reflection of the towering mountains above made for an incredibly scenic experience that we feel lucky to have seen.

After checking out Badwater Basin, we got back on the road to check out another attraction in the park known as Artist's Palette Road. Artist's Palette Road winds through a kaleidoscope of multicolored mineral-rich hills, showcasing a surreal spectrum of hues ranging from vibrant reds and purples to golden yellows, creating a natural masterpiece that has captivated visitors for decades. We pulled in just before sunset and got to see the colorful hills glowing in golden light just before our twilight ride to the small town of Beatty, Nevada where we would be staying the night.

Although there's not a whole lot going on there, Beatty has become one of our favorite overnight stays over the years. It's got a killer BBQ joint called Smokin J's BBQ and one of the tiniest bars we've ever been to right across the street known as the Happy Burro Chili & Beer. After some cheap drinks and good times, we walked across the street to the Exchange Club Motel to rest up for another day on the road...


World Famous Coffee Cup (Breakfast)

Crowbar Cafe & Saloon (Lunch)

Smokin' J's Barbecue (Dinner)


Exchange Club Motel

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See you down the road..

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  • Robert Wendt: February 07, 2024

    Enjoyed the and will also be hitting this area for the HOG 50 for NV. Can’t wait for this trip in April.

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