The Arai Helmet Trend: Buzz From Motorcycle Riders and Car Enthusiasts

The Arai Helmet Trend: Buzz From Motorcycle Riders and Car Enthusiasts

Looking back in time it’s not common for products to be cross-functional across a variety of markets though we recently linked up with Arai and it’s exciting to see how they’re tapping into a variety of customers ranging from Harley-Davidson and sport bike riders to car enthusiasts. 

2laneLife is now offering a wide range of Arai helmets on our site whether you’re piloting a 3,000 horsepower drag car or simply looking for a badass helmet that matches the aesthetics of your Harley-Davidson build. Either way, we got you covered. 

And since launching the Arai helmets on our site less than a month ago it’s exciting to see how we’re now getting inquiries for helmets not only from motorcycle riders but also from people/teams racing cars of all types (BMW, Lamborghini, Porsche, etc.).  

Below are some of the most common questions we’ve received around Arai helmets and helmets in general: 

What makes a helmet worth the money? 

Above and beyond everything, a helmet that’s made with quality in mind and is guided by industry standards like DOT/ECE/SNELL regulations in the United States will be worth the money because it will protect you, and that’s all that matters. 

What is the highest safety rating for a helmet? 

As mentioned above, the safety standards for helmets in the United States and Western Europe are very high, which includes passing rigorous tests to first get approved, and any helmet brand that’s worth its weight in gold will have both DOT and SNELL approvals. Because of that, we only work with the best including Bell and Arai. 

Why are Arai helmets so good? 

This question comes down to quality and also the design side of the equation where people love Arai’s aesthetics, including their use of carbon fiber which is sexy. Though most importantly, any product that’s handcrafted versus mass-produced will always be more special, and that’s really what makes Arai helmets so special. 

Looking for a new helmet and have questions? Let’s link up.