Touring the Cobra USA Facility

Touring the Cobra USA Facility

Innovation at its Finest


Two moto-vloggers passionate about traveling and the open road.

With all of products on the market that we see on a daily basis, being able to get a behind the scenes tour of a facility where they were made was a real treat! Seeing how everything was designed and manufactured was really interesting to see, and we're glad we were able to see it and share it with you guys!

The Ride

We had a short ride down to Yorba Linda from home base in Canoga Park, but the weather was great and we made it down there in no time! This was a long-awaited tour and it was a perfect day to go do it!

Behind the Brand

When we started this whole 2LaneLife journey, one of our main goals was to share and work with brands that we know and trust, brands that stand behind their products and technology with amazing people behind them. As we've built a relationship with many of these brands, one that has always stood out was Cobra. With nearly 45 years in the industry, a great team of people working behind the scenes, and consistent innovation, Cobra undoubtedly made the list!

We met up with Camron, who would but taking us on a tour of their unique facility, built for the sole purpose of housing their one of a kind production facility and the rest of the team! Throughout the tour, he would be showing us how they make different products, explaining the machinery behind the production, and give an in-depth look at many of the parts we know and use on our bikes!

USA Made from the Ground Up

Starting in the back of the facility, Camron showed us where it all starts...from the raw materials! A majority of their products start as tubing, so he showed us one of their many automated machines that measure and cut tubing to precise dimensions, which was pretty cool to see! What's really interesting about all of their processes is that a lot of it is automated, making for a consistent product every time. From measured cuts, to lasers that produce and prep components for assembly, and even robotic welders, they've got it all down to a science. Luckily, Cameron was able to explain all of this to us in a way that we could follow along!

It was pretty crazy to see all of the processes that went into each part every step of the way. From engineering to quality control, they have a streamlined process throughout the whole production line that we could tell had some great minds behind it.

After learning about the production side of things, Camron took us back into their R&D area to talk to Ben, who gave us a glimpse into how many of their products come to be. All of their stuff is made by riders for riders, and every part has it's own unique purpose. After seeing how the production side of things operated, it was no surprise to see how much detail goes into the design aspect of as well! It really makes you think about everything that goes into the parts on your bike!

We want to thank Camron, Ben, and the rest of the Cobra team for showing us around for the day and for giving us a look into what goes on behind the scenes at their facility! We hope everyone out there found the tour as interesting as we did, and we encourage you to reach out with any Cobra related questions!

We had a great day riding down there to check everything out, and we learned quite a bit in the process! As always, we're grateful for all of the amazing support we've seen from fans and friends alike, and we're excited for the adventures to come! See ya down the road!

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