2024 Road Glide Handlebar & Riser Install - Let the Build Begin!

2024 Road Glide Handlebar & Riser Install - Let the Build Begin!

Handlebar Install on 2024 Road Glides


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We just picked up new bikes and 9 times out of ten, the FIRST upgrade we make is a comfortable and responsive handlebar setup that suits our needs for our rides, whether it be cross-country or enjoying some spirited canyon riding wherever we may be. While things have improved out of the box for the new line of Road Glides, there is still enormous room for improvement, so we got to wrenching and upgraded all 3 bikes!

What options are there?

When it comes to aftermarket handlebars for your Harley-Davidson, there are tons of options: traditional ape hangers, meat hooks, straight T-bars, moto-style T-bars with risers, and the list goes on. Each has their positives and negatives, but today we'll be sharing what we've found to be the best overall option for all of the riding we do.

For us, the moto-style handlebar and riser combo has been a great option as you can tailor a fit that is perfect for you.

Want a taller setup? Increase the riser height or go with a higher bend on the bar.

Want it closer to you? Choose pullback risers, bars with back-sweep, or even a pullback plate or top tree (coming soon for the 2024s!).

While a lot of this information can apply to other Harleys like Softails, Dynas, and FXR's, this write-up is specifically to explain the direction we went with our 2024 Road Glides and the parts currently available for these newly released bikes.

Straight to the Tree

Since 2014, Road Glides have either required a riser adapter plate or an aftermarket top tree to mount a set of risers, but with the release of the mid year 2023 CVO Road Glide, that is no longer the case.

Being able to simply swap out the stock risers for a set of your choice and pair some handlebars makes the process a whole lot more straightforward. While there are some nuances with the new wiring and controls, it is all fairly plug and play. 

Mid-Bend or High Bend?

So far since the release of the mid-year 2023 CVO Road Glide, most if not all of the riser installs we've seen on these bikes have been the 9.5" pullback risers. They sit just below the infotainment screen leaving full visibility and use of the screen for anyone 5'7" and taller and act as the perfect platform to accommodate your chosen handlebar. The mid-bend bar has a 4" rise and the high bend bar has a 5.5" rise, so paired with a 9.5" riser the total height from the top tree would be 13.5" and 15" respectively. Lance who is 5'10" and Josh who is 5'8" both went with the mid bend bar, whereas Gaylin who is 6' went with the high bend bar for some additional height.  

For anyone shorter than 5'6" or someone who prefers a more sport-bike like handlebar setup, the 6.5" risers would work as well, providing slightly more screen visibility for a shorter rider. When combined with a high bend bar, the total height from the tree would be 12" and could be extended to 13" using a 1" riser spacer.

In all 3 images, we are rocking Saddlemen seats, which sit the rider up slightly higher than a stock seat, so keep in mind that the bar setups would feel slightly higher than pictured when a stock seat is on the bike. 

Eventually, there will be new top trees available with closer riser mounting positions which will provide more adjustability to set things up to your liking. Either way, we've already put nearly 1,000 miles on this bar setup since the install and feel right at home compared to those wobbly rubber-mounted wide stock ape style bars. For performance, comfort, and style, this is our go-to setup!

Build your bike YOUR way!

Whether you're a bar hopper or crossing state lines, there's a handlebar setup that's right for you and your specific needs. If you have any questions or need help setting up your ride, give us a shout at info@2lanelife.com and we'll get you covered!

Bars for your 2024!

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