Texas RIDE Series - Part 3 - Exploring Dallas

Texas RIDE Series - Part 3 - Exploring Dallas

Checking out Dallas Motorcycle Culture

Two moto-vloggers passionate about traveling and the open road.

Did we ride all the way out to Texas just to do a podcast?...maybe. Did we have a damn good time doing it?...sure did. We got on the road after a fun night in Lubbock Texas getting enjoying a great dinner and some drinks. Texas would be our home for the next few days, and we were glad to have made it over 1,200 miles so far with nothing but good times and great weather. During the past few days, we got to experience temperatures below 30, some wind, and a whole lot of sunshine. It’s these changes you see on the road that make it so enjoyable. We were excited to reach our final destination of the trip in the Dallas Area, where we met up with Jace and friends to get a locals perspective on the city!

Coming out of Lubbock, we took some wrong turns but eventually made it on the highway. Just minutes after we got on the 289 the two of us were having a conversation on our intercoms and while Gaylin was reaching to put his camera away, his phone went flying off the bike in the middle of the interstate! Stuff like that can happen! While unexpected, he managed to pull over and find it in between lanes undamaged and we got right back to it. 

We had to get on the highways to get out of town, but we soon found our first 2Lane on the 84 which was a long stretch of road passing through farmland, windmills, oil fields, cotton fields and more! The diversity of agriculture and industry in these areas was super interesting to see and it really makes one think about how much goes into things that we consider staples in our daily lives.

It had warmed up quite a bit into the high 70’s which was nice, but we soon experienced some heavy winds which kept us on our toes! That’s just another thing that takes a little getting used to, but it’s all a part of the journey. There was dust and sand blowing across the roads, and we were just doing the Texas Lean trying to keep a straight line and keep it moving.

After some time on the **84** we hopped onto the and then on to the 30, and only had a short ride left to get into the Dallas/Fort worth area. We had plans to meet up with Jace and Cody for some good ‘ol Texas BBQ at a famous spot called Coopers Old Time Pit BBQ. We pulled up at a great time, met up with the guys and had an awesome lunch before heading out to see our first piece of local motorcycle history/culture.

Despite not having as many iconic roads and routes that we're used to in our area, it was awesome to see all the bikes on the streets and the heavy influence of the  two wheel lifestyle.

After lunch, Jace and Cody took us on a ride over to see Strokers Dallas. This is the type of place we had been waiting to see for the whole trip! All on the same property, they have a bar, live music, a hotrod shop, motorcycle shop, bike gallery, and more! You could spend all day checking everything out if you wanted to, and it had some really awesome history. We even got to meet Rick Fairless and have a conversation with him. 

For an in-depth look behind the scenes, check out their website to see some rad back story! After a tour of the place, 

Jace wanted to take us out for a spin to check out the city while the sun was setting and we were not disappointed! The Skyline of Dallas was epic, and we got to run through some awesome bridges and roads throughout the area. It's one of those places that you might not have understood the cool factor until seeing it for yourself! He showed us some cool spots, then took us in to the city to check out some local bars and hangout spots.

After a good rip around town and meeting some buddies, we headed down to the one and only Fast Life Garage facility to to a long awaited podcast! We weren't sure quite what to expect, but we had an awesome time chopping it up and sharing stories and experiences. We ended up talking for 4 hours late into the night and it was great to get his perspective on what we're doing as well as the motorcycle culture as a whole.

After some good times in the studio, we cruised down the road to Buffalo Wild Wings, killed some wings, and hit the hey before our ride out to Bandera the next day.

Here' the route we took for our entire Texas Loop! It took us about a week to make our stops and enjoy the areas we wanted to see, but you could easily take three times that to see everything at a leisurely pace. Whether you're on four wheels or two, our goal is to inspire others to get out and explore this beautiful country and all of the great roads and destinations it has to offer! Google periodically alters the route that we input on here, so make sure to double check if you'd like to see specific stops.

**2LaneLife is not responsible for peril**

Being able to experience a city and get shown around by a local like Jace relly is the way to go. You're able to discover so many places that one may have missed otherwise. We still had another day or two to hang with the Texans and see plenty more cool stuff, so stay tuned for part 4 for an epic ride to Bandera, hitting the famous Twisted Sisters and more along the way!

Stay safe...stay inspired 


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