Zion National Park, Moki Dugway, and More!

Zion National Park, Moki Dugway, and More!

Zion National Park, Mexican Hat, and More!

Two moto-vloggers passionate about traveling and the open road.

By now, you're probably familiar with some of the 2LaneLife travels. Just enough planning to get us to some rad places, but with the ability to be spontaneous and go where the road takes us. At the start of the trip, we weren't quite sure exactly where we would be riding or what route we'd be taking, but thats just the way we like to do things. It allows us to see new places, and really get into the exploring state of mind. The goal at hand was to get out, enjoy the weather, and see some truly unforgettable views. 

Zion Loop

If you click on the image of the map, you will find a link to the routes that we took on our scenic ride, and can take the trip yourself if you choose to do so. Whether it's on a motorcycle or in a car, many of these places have breathtaking views and exciting experiences in store.

**Remember to always stay up to date with road conditions and routes, 2LaneLife is not responsible for peril.                             

While some of our routes may not be the shortest, we always aim to make them the most scenic. We'd rather spend our time riding with great views on open highways than congested freeways.


Given the current state of our surroundings, there may be less available options for dining, aside from take-out, but luckily Porter's Smokehouse Grill had just opened up for seated dining to serve breakfast and dinner!

With an unbeatable view, friendly environment, and exceptional food, you can't really go wrong. Upon arrival at the end of our first day, we treated ourselves to some tender steaks, and followed it up wit some classic breakfast the morning after, before heading out on the next leg of our journey.

When in Zion/ Springdale, Oscar's Cafe is another must-stop. They have great breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus with quality food and sizable portions. It is also just a short walk away from many of the local hotels. Just like Porter's, it has some really great views of the colorful canyons just outside the window. Our waiter was friendly and energetic, and it really made the stop worthwhile.

When staying at the San Juan Inn in Mexican Hat, we ate at this hidden gem called the Olde Bridge Bar & Grill right by the river. They had some great cheeseburgers and wings, and that definitely hit the spot after a long day of riding! 


At our first stop in Zion, we stayed at the Springhill Suites.  With a perfect view of the canyon, clean and modern rooms, and just right outside the National Park, we will definitely be staying here again. We love that pretty much wherever you eat or stay out here, it's accompanied by inspiring and humbling views.



Looking right out on the San Juan River off of the 163 in Mexican Hat, Utah is the San Juan Inn. Just a few steps away from our room was an incredible view of the San Juan Bridge with the lively river passing underneath. We even saw some wild horses crossing as you will see in the vlog. Overall, we were impressed with the stay. The rooms were clean, the beds were comfy, and being able to enjoy such an incredible view right from the window was the icing on the cake.

Notable Landmarks

The Moki Dugway is definitely a sight to see. While certainly not rated the safest road in Utah, it is truly something very unique. It was constructed in the 1950's as a means to transport uranium, and has since been used as a highway, renamed Highway 261 by the State of Utah. With steep switchbacks and narrow gravel roads, Traveling from the Cedar Mesa down to the Valley of the Gods, it drops nearly 1,100 feet. 

Mexican Hat is a unique 60 foot wide sombrero-shaped rock formation in none other than Mexican Hat, Utah. On the northeast edge of San Juan County, this popular attraction is visible from Highway 163 in Monument Valley.

All in all, it was another great trip! We did it in 3 days, but this can easily be spread out into a 4 or 5 day trip to check out all the little stops along the way. This was our longest video yet, and we hope you enjoyed watching!

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  • Christye & Jay: February 06, 2022

    EXCELLENT to see these areas thru your eyes.
    We’ve been to these place before but, headed out there again in June.
    We are adding Prescott and Sedona thanks to another one of your videos.

  • Gerald Sugden: May 20, 2020

    Awesome job guys! Always look forward to seeing your trips. Blogs are great! Actually heading out to Zion National Park, Monument Valley,Capital Reef in a couple of months, will check out the places you mentioned!👍✌

  • Daryl Marks: May 20, 2020

    That ride looked awesome guys! These blogs r really great i cant wait to try one of these maps. that moki dugway looks surreal!

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