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Weekend Trip to Paso Robles - History, Mountains, Meadows, and More!

Posted on July 01 2020

Weekend Trip to Paso Robles - History, Mountains, Meadows, and More!

Packed with History & Great Views!

Two moto-vloggers passionate about traveling and the open road.

Come along on our Paso Robles run, for a trip packed with history, mountains, meadows, streams, and amazing food! Theres something about small town America that brings so much to see, so you've got to go check it out for yourself! We're glad that our wive's were able to make it out on this trip and experience all of the awesome stops along the way!

This was one of our favorite trips so far, and it just goes to show that you can come across some great places and experiences even without a full plan for a trip! We just went with the flow and did what we wanted to do, and had an amazing time in the process. So get out there and do it!

Bisbee Loop Map

This was quite the loop, and we did it in 4 days at a pretty relaxed pace compared to what we're used to. Just like many of our rides, you could take it faster, or ride it at your own pace and enjoy all the great stops along the way.

If you click on the image of the map, you will find a link to the route that we took, and can take the trip yourself if you choose to do so. Whether it's on a motorcycle or in a car, there's plenty of sites to see, and rich history to learn, so get out there and explore! 

**Remember to always stay up to date with road conditions and routes, 2LaneLife is not responsible for peril.                                                        


A full weekend of riding means a full weekend of eating! We might slack on meals when it's just the two of us, but when the wives come along, we make sure to hit up as many of our favorite restaurants as possible. From breweries to quaint breakfast spots, we made sure we were finding some good eats, and we hope you're able to check out a few of our favorites!

The first grub stop on our ride was the Firestone Walker Brewery in Buellton California. What better food to get at a brewery than pizza, wings, and some cold ones! They have a cool vibe going on in there, plenty of beers to choose from, and some great service. We'll definitely be back on our next trip this way.

Country Kitchen - Big Pine
Buona Tavola Italian Restaurant

Later that evening, after arriving in Paso Robles, we stopped by Buona Tavola, for some phenomenal authentic Italian food. Theres nothing quite like enjoying a quality meal at the end of a long day of riding, before a night out for some fun! All of the staff were super friendly, and the food came out great!

Before another full day of riding, we fueled up at the Cattlemen's Lounge in the Paso Robles Inn for some great breakfast! The staff there were just as friendly as the staff at the hotel, and it made for a very enjoyable start to the day. We stuck with the basics, bacon, eggs, coffee, etc.. and were not disappointed. We can see why this place has such a good rep, definitely the spot to be!

Red Dog Saloon - Virginia City Nevada

One of our new favorites, the Southgate Brewing Company in Oakhurst CA, offered some good 'ol fashioned Americana style food, with a large selection of drinks. Definitely a great place to stop for a beer and a burger...or some tacos, wings, a sandwich, pizza, lava cake... you get the point. Food is a major part of traveling, gotta do it the right way!

Great views...they tend to make you really hungry, or at least we think so. 

The ride up to Murphys has some truly inspiring views that had us feeling thankful for this journey and all of the ones before it. There's something about traveling with great people and sharing a great meal and some drinks that really ties together a great day.

Hotel restaurants can be hit or miss, but the food and service at the Murphy's Hotel Restaurant was top much that we ate there again for breakfast the next morning! We got a little too excited and ate all the food before taking pictures, so here's one of us!

Red Dog Saloon - Virginia City Nevada

Done reading about all these great food stops?           ...didn't think so.

Up next on this list for lunch is the Bridgeport Inn in you guessed it...Bridgeport! A great little place to check out with plenty of options to choose from, this is one of our regular stops when passing through Mono County. The quality is great, the food came out fast, and there was plenty of seating. No complaints! 

On the last night of our journey, we figured we'd finish it off with the Whiskey Creek Restaurant in Bishop California. They offer some great cuts f steak that they broil to perfection, and have all kinds of drinks and spirits to choose from. If you're in Bishop looking for a real deal spot, this is your go-to without a doubt. It is essentially 3 restaurants in one, so there are plenty more options than just steak, such as some great Thai food and even pizza! 

Red Dog Saloon - Virginia City Nevada

Last but not least, our last grub stop for the trip was Jack's Restaurant & Bakery in Bishop. A crowd favorite among the locals, and our top breakfast spot in the area, we figured we'd swing by for old time's sake before headed home on the last leg of our journey. a Great breakfast before a great ride!


If you made it this far, you're probably at least interested in where we stayed, especially during times like these. 

Our first night was spent at the Paso Robles Inn. Overall, it was a really great stay. With clean and comfortable rooms, a restaurant in the building, and plenty more nearby, it really kicked off the beginning of our trip. The staff was friendly and helpful and offered some tips on how to spend our stay in the area. Definitely recommended!

The second night, we stayed at Murphys Historic Hotel. First opened in 1856, it has some really neat history.

The rooms have been renovated, and have a modern yet old town feel that was really unique. They also had their own restaurant as well as others within walking distance, making it a worthwhile place to stay!

After our final full day of riding, we spent the night at the Elms Motel in Bishop. While It's nothing fancy, we always stay here when spending the night in Bishop. With great surrounding views, clean rooms, and friendly staff, it gets the job done!

Sensorio Paso Robles

This was a truly unforgettable sight, and we're glad we were able to see it. Sensorio is an art installment by the artist Bruce Munro in the beautiful Paso Robles California. With a mind blowing 58,000 fiber optic lights illuminating the multi-acre landscape, it was certainly an exhibition to see. It will be open until this coming January 2021, so if you can make it out, or are in the area, it's a once in a lifetime view!

On that note, thanks for the continued support! We love what we do, and are always excited to share our experiences!

Stay safe...stay inspired

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